Sister Bay is a very busy place in summer! As if just your everyday tourist activities weren’t enough, we also throw some interesting festivals into the mix just to keep it exciting.

June is not always the most reliable month weather-wise, and thus not quite as busy as the rest of the season, but it is certainly not for lack of things to do!

This weekend, June 8th at 10:30AM is the famous Goat Parade and Roofing of the Goats. If you’ve ever been to Sister Bay you’re familiar with Al Johnson’s, the iconic Swedish-themed restaurant whose claim to fame is its meatballs. Just kidding, although we’ve heard they’re very good, the claim to fame is the goats perched on the roof every sunny day during the season! They’ve already been up there for a couple of weeks now, but Saturday marks the official Roofing of the Goats, as they stroll through downtown and then up to Al Johnson’s roof. All area goats and owners are also invited to participate and costumes are encouraged, so a lot of fun is had by all.
Paddlefest happens June 22nd — the first day of summer on the calendar – and takes place along Sister Bay’s beautiful beachfront with free use and instruction from 9:30-1:00 on Bay Shore Outfitters’ newest kayaks and paddleboards. Stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga begins the day at 8:30 for those so inclined, and from 1:00-5:00 you can rent a kayak or paddleboard right there at the beach from Bay Shore Outfitters.

Cherries won’t really be ripe yet in June, but I’ve included them because so many people ask when they will, and just this morning a newsletter from Seaquist Orchards – just up the road from us and our source for our breakfast bakery items and granola – gave an up-to-date prediction of their cherry harvest:

This long winter has caused a seasonal shift for timeline of blossoms and cherry harvesting this year. Blossoms came to full bloom around Memorial Day, which means that the time to pick cherries is also a little later this year. We hope to start harvesting our cherries around the 3rd week in July this year. So plan accordingly 🙂

Our mouths are watering already, are yours?

We hope you’re busy making your plans to come see us this season! The reservation chart is filling up fast, so book online or give us a call soon!

Julie Hathaway, manager
The Liberty Lodge at Sister Bay


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